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Pet Resources - Grooming

Regular Grooming is a Part of Responsible Pet Ownership

One important aspect of responsible pet ownership is regular grooming. Ongoing care of your dog’s coat, skin, nails and ears are essential to your pet’s health. “Grooming is about more than appearance and making your pet nice to be near. Weekly maintenance is essential to keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy and insect-free,” says Val Penstone, director of grooming for Best Friends Pet Care.

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  • Frequently Asked Grooming Questions

    Answers to your questions, directly from your dog grooming authority! Q. My pets’ coat is full of static. What can I do?

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  • Prepare Your New Puppy for a Lifetime of Good Grooming

    Your new puppy’s coat is soft and shiny. But it will take routine grooming care to keep it that way. Regular dog grooming is an important component of any dog’s health and welfare.

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  • Is Show Grooming Right for Your Pet?

    The sport of showing pedigree dogs receives a great deal of press attention at this time of year. After all, the glamour of major shows like Westminster makes great television.

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  • Choosing a Groomer for your Best Friend

    Choosing a pet groomer for your pet requires time and patience. Although there are some similarities to choosing a hair stylist for yourself, it is more complex…

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How to Get the Haircut You Really Want for Your Pet

Have you ever been to the salon for a haircut and come away unhappy with the result because you weren’t quite able to make the stylist understand what you wanted?
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Time to Give Your Pooch a Pedicure?

If the gentle "pitter-patter" of your pet’s feet has recently turned into a clamoring "clickety clack", it could time for a nail trim. Winter weather often means fewer opportunities for outside play on pavement and hard ground that helps wear down nails.
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