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Best Friends is a comfy, safe getaway for all pets, from puppies to parakeets.
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Introducing Play & Stay

Play & Stay is our version of boarding at Best Friends. It is designed so that our Best Friends enjoy luxe, spacious suites, daily housekeeping, room service and customized activities including plenty of playtime and always crate-free boarding. Dogs can join the pack for group play or enjoy 1:1 attention.

Come for the comfy nights...
Come for the comfy nights...
Come for the comfy nights...

Come for the comfy nights...

When your pet boards with Best Friends, they get all the amenities worthy of a top-notch hotel: climate-controlled individual suites, cozy lambswool bedding, daily housekeeping and nutritious Freely® kibble. (They just might be staying in a nicer place than you.)

...and stay for the playful days
...and stay for the playful days
...and stay for the playful days

...and stay for the playful days

When you opt for our Play & Stay experience, your pet’s days will be jam-packed with fun. Choose from our group play option (for social butterflies) or individual (for those who prefer 1-on-1 attention).

Customize their experience at Best Friends Pet Hotel

Want to give your pet an extra special getaway? With add-ons like ice cream, extra cuddle time or grooming services, your pet will come home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Know Before You Go
We Can't Wait to Meet Your Best Friend!

When making your appointment, you will receive 2 documents via email.
FIRST is an email confirmation for your stay, which will allow you to see which activities your pet is participating in and what shot records your pet needs before they stay, or if they are up to date in our system.
SECOND is our all-service contract. Please read & sign this e-document. This will be sent back to us after signing and uploaded to your account.

At check-in, a minimum 50% deposit will be taken for your stay (more for longer stays / multiple pets). This must be on a major credit card or debit card. The remainder of the invoice is due at check-out.
We will accept all major credit cards. Checks are not accepted.


Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella

Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella
Some centers may require influenza (H3N2 & H3N8)

Rabies & Feline Distemper

Please pack light! We supply everything that your pet could need, including water & bowls. Feel free to bring treats and 1 or 2 rubber toys, but please leave all clothing, blankets and favorites at home.
For dogs, if participating in group play, please bring a flat, quick release collar.
For pocket pets, please call your local center or visit our FAQ page.

Best Friends feeds Freely brand pet food - both wet and dry - at no additional cost.
You are welcome to bring your own food. Kibble from home must be portioned out and bagged per meal.
Please always pack an extra!

While some medications and conditions are accepted, others may not be safe for boarding or require additional documentation. Even if you have boarded with us in the past, check with us before your reservation to avoid any issues.
Accepted medications must be in their original packaging.
See our list of accepted medications here.

In many cases, yes! Pets who wish to share a room have to meet certain criteria to ensure everyones health and safety. Cats and dogs who meet these criteria may be eligible for a multipet discount. Please reach out to a team member to see if your pets qualify!

Hours vary per location. Visit your center's website.
Holiday hours may differ.
DROP OFF is from open until 30 minutes before close.
Holiday hours may differ.
PICK UP is before noon unless your pet is getting grooming - then center will call when ready.

Kick back and relax, pet parents

We know it can be tough to leave your pet. That’s why we offer ways for you to check in daily, including petcams and video chat at some locations. We also give you a report card at the end of your pet’s stay so you know exactly how they did without you.

Safety is everything

Keeping your pet safe and sound is our #1 priority.

Hands-on supervision

Hands-on supervision

Dogs are closely monitored by Certified Camp Counselors at all times.

Vaccinations required

Vaccinations required

Campers must be up to date on vaccines and show proof before enrollment.

A clean environment

A clean environment

We use the safest, most effective products to ensure our facilities are clean and sanitary.

Behavioral screening

Behavioral screening

Every camper is screened by our staff to ensure they’re a good fit for group play.

Come and stay awhile

Pack your pet’s bags and book their Best Friends stay today.

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