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Dog Park

Upon entering the park from the lobby our guests arrive on a large 1400 square feet concrete deck.  They have a choice to walk the secured, gated and fenced crushed granite trail around the park that borders natural wetlands, where the birds and the animals all play.  There are several stopping places to sit and look and listen and a drinking fountain for our guest and his/her owner.  The trail can be done as a back and forth walk or as a one way adventure ending at the far side of the park where there is  a “people place,” 1400 square feet, to sit and watch all of the dogs play.  The short walk back to the lobby takes our guests through the large 3300 square feet play area on the right where chasing balls and frisbees on the special artificial turf can be fun, or the grassy knoll to the left, another 4500 square feet, where any dog can be king of the hill or lounge in the shade of a tree.  Just past the grassy knoll the walk comes to the water park for dogs.  This 1300 square feet area is intended just for our 4 legged friends to cool off by chasing the water jets back and forth.

The area is beautifully landscaped and illuminated at night.  It is totally secure from outside interferences and apart from the walk around the park, all portions are open to each other.  Best Friends® does have a few leash laws and introduction rules to keep all of our Best Friends, friends.

Dog Park Rules

  • Access to Dog Bark Park is for registered guests only. Please visit the front desk in our lobby for more information.
  • Pet Owners are responsible for the actions of their pet and assume ALL liability related thereto. Best Friends® is not liable.
  • Please see lobby for daily park hours or visit our website at wdw.BestFriendsPetCare.com. Times are subject to change
  • Pet owners are required to provide written proof from their veterinarian showing their pet(s) is updated on Rabies and Distemper
  • All Pets must be in good health.
  • Spayed/ neutered dogs recommended
  • Female dogs that are in season prohibited
  • NO aggressive dogs allowed
  • No retractable leashes
  • Choke chains or prong collars not allowed while dogs are off-leash inside the park
  • Limit of three dogs per person/ per visit
  • Dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the park
  • Handlers must carry a leash at all times
  • Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Please clean up after your dog
  • Expect all toys to be shared
  • Keep gates closed at all times
  • Best Friends has the authority to close the park for site maintenance, weather related problems and special events
  • In the event of aggressive behavior, personal information may be released to any party requesting it,  as a result of damage/injury caused by pet owner or pet.