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Want a Well Behaved Dog?
We Know just the Trick.

Come. Sit. Stay a while. After a short time at Best Friends, your wish for a “good dog” is our command.

Terry McGregor- Trainer

Terry is our primary trainer. He offers a special 2-week Board and Train. Terry will teach your dog to walk on a loose leash next to you without pulling, automatically sit when you stop walking, lay down on command, and stay.

Terry can also make progress on many behavioral issues such as jumping on people, inappropriate chewing, and mouthing. Upon completion of the program, Terry meets with you family to review all of the training techniques. With these tips, you can enjoy years with your well-behaved dog. Call us to schedule a time to visit with Terry and our unique Board and Train option.

Puppy Kindergarten
For puppies 16 weeks to 6 months: Through consistent reinforcement and praise, your dog will be introduced to the basic commands of sit, come, watch me and will learn loose leash walking. This course also addresses common problem areas such as potty training, chewing, biting, digging and barking. Social and handling skills learned at a young age help puppies grow into well adjusted adults in new situations. The bond of trust and understanding will last a lifetime.

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Adult Obedience- Basic 1
For dogs 6 months or older: Train your dog in a real life situation. By the end of class many dogs have learned basic commands such as sit, down, come, stay, and loose leash walking. This class also covers common problem areas such as potty training, chewing biting and digging. Consistent training at home will reinforce the skills they have learned in class.

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Behavior Modification
For Basic Obedience Graduates or Those That Have a Specific Need to Address: The emphasis in this class is on making any specific behavioral changes you want to make for your dog. Those include certain behaviors like dominance, low self-esteem, fear, urinating when touched, jumping, barking, listening with distractions, and many others. Call to ask any questions and learn more about what we can cover.

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Board & Train
While your pet boards, they will receive a one-on-one session each day, personalized to meet the needs of you and your pet. Our program provides your dog with a setting in which he or she can focus on learning necessary obedience skills. This training is often highly effective when a problem arises in the canine/human relationship. This price includes one exit lesson. Consultations are by appointment only.

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Private Lessons
Our attention is devoted solely to you and your pet in these exclusive sessions that are tailored around your specific needs.

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See a Class You’re Interested in? Give us a call for the class schedules.
Trick Training
Learning tricks is a fun way for you and your dog to bond! Tricks will include: wave, balance a treat on nose, play dead, take a bow, do donuts, and much more! This is great way for you to continue training your pet and keep up on the other basic obedience commands you have learned.

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“Once again, I am pleased with Riley’s stay at Best Friends! He is the happiest and very content dog when I picked him up…from his mannerisms, I can tell Riley was well loved and cares for. ” Miller
Other Services

Play and Stay »Whether your dog loves social group play, or is the more independent type, we have a boarding option that fills the day with fun & excitement!

Boarding »Play all day, stay the night. All in luxe comfort with plenty of TLC. This is boarding with Best Friends.

Day Camp »Your dog will enjoy safe, supervised social play with certified Doggy Day Camp counselors. You’ll wish you could come, too.

Grooming »From a quick shampoo to a full day of pampering, our groomers will make your pet “paw”sitively gorgeous.