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Share Your Heart with Your Furry Valentine This Year

It’s February and love is in the air — and our feet!

According to Best Friends research, more than half of all pet owners gave a Valentine’s gift to their pet last year.

Why not join the gift-giving crowd this February? Here are three great ideas from the pet care experts for sharing the day with your furry Valentine:

Go shopping

Valentine’s Day offers a great excuse to spoil your pet a bit. What pet can resist a new toy or favorite treat? Your local Best Friends Pet Care center has plenty of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your four-legged valentine — from heart-shaped plush toys to healthy Valentine’s Day cookies.

Does your pet have too many toys and treats already? Celebrate your affection with a cozy sweater, or a new collar and matching leash. Or mark the occasion with a plush new bed.

Visit the spa

An alternative “treat” is a visit to the local pet salon. A thorough grooming will leave your pet feeling clean and comfortable from head to toe – and much nicer to snuggle.

"February is a great time for a make-over," says Val Penstone, national director of grooming for Best Friends. “During the winter months, grooming is often neglected and, with the windows closed and the heaters on, low humidity can make your pet’s skin and coat dry and scaly. A conditioning shampoo and moisturizing treatment can help make both you and your pet feel wonderful.”

Make a memory

Or, capture all that love and affection for eternity with a professional pet portrait. An experienced pet photographer will ask you about your pet’s personality and idiosyncrasies. You can choose to have a holiday-themed background, or go for a more natural look. Make sure your photographer considers which angle best suits your pet (for example, bulldogs are best photographed head on, while cats are often photographed from the side).

However you decide to celebrate, the act of honoring the unconditional love you receive all year long from your pet will make Valentine’s Day even more special for you.