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Pet Resources - Pet Safety

BE PREPARED: First Aid for Your Pet

While it is vital to call your vet immediately for assistance should your pet be injured, it is also wise to keep a “pet first aid” kit on hand for on-the-spot care until professional help is available. The American Animal Hospital Association reminds us that first aid and a first aid kit are not a substitute for veterinary treatment, however, if you know what to do in an emergency, you may be able to save your pet’s life.

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  • Preventing dog bites

    Each year, more children are bitten by dogs than are injured from horseback riding, roller-blading and skateboarding combined. The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that children make up more than 60% of all dog bite victims.

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  • Wake Up and Smell the Coffee… But Keep It Away from Rover

    There are substances in your home that are poisonous to your pet – and they are not all locked away in the garage or under the kitchen sink. A number of products that we humans regularly eat or drink are toxic to our pets.

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  • The Dangers of Mulch: Lawn Safety for Pets

    A message about the dangers of using cocoa mulch in your garden has been circulating on the internet – but this is no e-mail hoax. According to the ASPCA, coca mulch is a serious threat to pets.

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  • Test Your Summer Pet Safety Savvy

    Memorial Day is behind us, which summer is almost here. While the season is filled with outdoor fun, summer also presents dangers for your pets. How prepared are you for the "dog days"? Take our quiz and find out:

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When Hurricanes Threaten: What To Do with the Family Pet

When Hurricanes Threaten: What To Do with the Family Pet, June is the start of hurricane season. Thousands of pets were separated from their families during last year’s horrific storms.
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Keep your Dog Safe during Fireworks Season

To most Americans, there’s nothing like the thrill of a summer fireworks display. For pets, however, “bombs bursting in air” can be terrifying and even dangerous.
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