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Pets are Good Medicine for the Body and Mind

Dog and cat owners have long known that a family pet can make life happier. Now, medical science is finding that pet owners also lead longer, healthier lives.

In fact, a growing body of published scientific research shows that having an animal companion – cats and dogs in particular — improves both our emotional and physical well-being. These studies have connected pet ownership with favorable health effects ranging from lower blood pressure to reduced anxiety levels.

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  • The Basic Facts About Pets and Allergies

    Just as humans suffer from allergies, pets feel discomfort, too. Some react so severely that irritation can lead to infection, so it’s important to get professional help…

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  • Pets May Be Good for Allergy Sufferers

    Got allergies? You don’t necessarily have to give away the cat, according to a recent allergy study conducted at the University of Virginia.

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  • Come, Sit, Stay… Heal: Therapy Dogs Help the Sick

    A Golden Retriever named Chad went every day with his owner to visit a hospice. He seemed to know the difference between patients who needed a little laughter and those who were very ill and required a comforting presence…

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  • Dog Kisses May Give More Than Love

    "Eeewh! Dog germs!" says "Peanuts" cartoon character Lucy, after receiving a wet kiss from Snoopy. Most pet owners enjoy those slobbery licks and other signs of love from the family pet. According to a Kansas State University microbiologist, however, the result can be the passing of germs from pet to owner.

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Keep Pets Parasite-Free For Their Health… and Yours

When pets become infested with fleas, ticks or worms, we can be infested, too. The good news is that modern pest control products are safe and effective, and, when used properly, can help.
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Fido May Be your Ticket To Improved Health

Ninety-two percent of respondents to a survey recently conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) indicated that they have derived health benefits directly from their pets. "Pets are becoming more than just a member of the family," said AAHA president-elect Link Wellborn. "They are central to a healthy lifestyle."
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