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Get Ready for Shedding Season

Shedding season is coming: that frustrating time of year when there’s seems to be more pet hair on our clothes, floors and furniture than on our pets!

You can’t stop your pet from shedding. The fact is that those clumps of hair all over you and your home are actually part of a natural cycle of hair growth for most pets. New hair grows in, then old hair is shed out. While hair is lost all year long, the heaviest shedding occurs in the spring as pets get rid of their “winter coat”.

While you can’t prevent shedding, frequent bathing and brushing during shedding season can actually reduce the amount of hair that your pet leaves around the house.

Home grooming to reduce shedding
First, thoroughly brush your pet to get rid of as much loose hair possible. It’s a good idea to do this outdoors on the deck or patio so you leave the excess hair outside the house.

Next, shampoo your pet using a product formulated specifically for pets. (Never use human shampoo; animals have a different skin pH than humans. Massage the shampoo in well, and follow with a conditioning rinse.

Towel dry your pet, then brush again to remove dead hair that was loosened by the shampooing. It’s best to let your pet air dry as you brush, however, if you use a home hair dryer, put it on the coolest, lowest setting so you don’t burn your pet’s skin. When you think you are finished brushing through the coat, use a professional steel-pinned comb to make sure that all the knots and shedding hair have been removed.

To keep shedding under control, you need to brush and comb at least weekly — more often for pets with long coats – to remove hair as it is shed out throughout the shedding part of the hair growth cycle.

… Or leave the hair at the salon
If you don’t want to bother with all that work, or if your pet is a very heavy shedder, you may want to take you pet to a professional groomer and leave most of that shedding hair on the salon floor rather than on your carpets and furniture.

Best Friends Pet Care centers nationwide offer a procedure called Shedicure, which reduce the amount of hair being shed around your home by as much as 80%. The Shedicure procedure involves all of the steps described above, but includes a final step in which the groomer uses a special tool and a “carding” technique to remove remaining excess undercoat. Sme breeds seem to shed all the time and may require the process year-round.

For more information about Shedicure or help with other grooming problems, visit or call the Best Friends center nearest you.