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Say Cheese! – Tips for Photographing Your Pet

dogWhen taking pictures of your pet, or at least your dog, saying ‘Cheese!’ may not be the best approach. For many pet owners, their pets are part of the family. And just as you like having pictures of your family members around, you’d probably like to have some of your pet too. Unfortunately, pets don’t always like to cooperate when having their picture taken, and even when your pet is at his best, the pictures don’t always come out as you’d like. So here are five tips for taking picture-perfect photos of your pet:

Tip #1: Photograph your pet in his natural environment. With dogs, try taking pictures while you’re out in the yard or on a walk. They’ll be interested in their surroundings and are likely to appear much more alert. These can be action shots so don’t worry about getting your pooch to look right into the camera. With cats, try capturing your kitty while she’s hunting imaginary prey around the house or even when she’s napping in a sunny spot.

Tip #2: Use contrasting backgrounds. Take pictures where your pets are set against contrasting backgrounds. A white dog against a white wall or a black cat on a black chair simply won’t come out well.

Tip #3: Light. Avoid using a flash. The flash tends to give your pet that red eye look and might unsettle or startle him. Instead, use available light like sunlight or light from lamps.

Tip #4: Get your pet’s attention. You can use a number of objects, like squeaky toys, to get your pet’s attention. Your pet will appear more alert, his ears pricked up and his eyes wide. If you haven’t got a squeaky toy handy, try making some strange noises. You may feel silly but it’s sure to be worth it if you can capture your pet cocking his head curiously.

Tip #5: Patience and persistence. Be patient and stay calm. Avoid overly exciting your pet as you’ll both be more likely to get frustrated. Be persistent too and take lots of pictures. For every great shot, you’re likely to have a number of flops.