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ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

Because poisoning can happen anytime, even despite your best intentions to prevent it, make sure that you are prepared. Be aware of your veterinarian’s emergency procedures, particularly for after hour care. Keep phone numbers for your veterinarian, emergency care and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center handy. An emergency pet safety kit can also be beneficial and can include the following items: a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3%; a can of soft dog or cat food; a turkey baster or syringe; saline eye solution for flushing out contaminants; artificial tear gel for lubricating eyes; a mild grease-cutting dishwashing liquid for removing contaminant from skin; rubber gloves to prevent your own exposure or contamination; and. tweezers. You should also make sure that you have a pet carrier handy, if necessary, for transporting your pet and a muzzle if needed.