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Dog Glossary – K

Glossary of Dog Terms:


Keel: The rounded outline of the lower chest.

Kennel: Building or enclosure where dogs are kept.

Kennel Cough: Tracheobronchitis of dogs or cats.

Kerry Blue Terrier: A breed of terrier of Irish origin, having a dense, wavy bluish-gray coat.

Killed Virus Vaccine (KV): A vaccine containing dead viruses which cannot multiply when administered in an animal, but can stimulate an immune response to prevent future infection by the virus.

Kink Tail: A deformity of the caudal vertebrae producing a bent tail.

Kiss Marks: Tan spots on the cheeks and over the eyes. Color definitions may vary by breed. Always check the breed standard for the definitive color description.

Knee: See Stifle

Knee Joint: See Stifle

Kneecap: The stifle, with the bone known as the patella.

Knuckling Over: Faulty structure of wrist joint allowing it to flex forward under the weight of the standing dog.

Kuvasz: A long-established Hungarian breed of tall, light-footed but sturdy white dog; used also as a hunting dog.