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The City Dog

Living in the city doesn’t mean that you can’t own a dog. Lots of dogs, both small and large, are perfectly happy being city dogs. Nevertheless, living in the city and owning a dog can have it’s own challenges. There are certain rules that you must follow, both written and unwritten. There are laws set by the city regarding licensing, leash regulations and so on, and you can check with your own city to learn about these.

Sometimes harder to follow are those unwritten rules that have more to do about dog etiquette. Nevertheless, being aware of and following these rules can make your life and your dog’s life a whole lot easier. First, always have your dog on the leash when taking him for a walk and be sure that you always have control of him. Don’t allow him to run up to strangers since, hard as it may be to believe, not everyone is a dog lover. Also don’t allow him to run up to and interact with other dogs unless that dog’s owner says that it’s okay. Always be sure to pick up after your dog and dispose of his waste appropriately.

Many cities are forming dog parks, which can be great for the you and your city dog. However, there are rules to follow here too. Most dog parks post their own rules, so be sure to follow these. In general, however, always clean up after your dog, don’t remove his leash until you get into the off-leash area, keep a close eye on your dog, and remove him if he becomes aggressive or otherwise causes problems.