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Teaching Your Dog The Find A Spot

The “Find a Spot” command may not be the most well-known command but it is, nonetheless, a wonderful command to teach your dog. This allows you to control where and, to some degree, when your dog eliminates. This can be very handy when in public or traveling. It also helps to avoid accidents in the house and to keep your yard much nicer. It’s best if you teach this to your dog while he is still a young puppy and learning housetraining.

A perfect way to start is by taking your dog to your backyard or garden. Watch and wait until your puppy begins to relieve himself then quietly say your command. When your puppy has finished, softly and gently praise him. Your command can be any number of phrases, such as ‘Go find a spot’, ‘Go pee pee’, ‘Go to the bathroom’, ‘Go potty’ and so on, just make sure that once you’ve chosen a command that you remain consistent. You can also begin to watch for signs that your puppy has to go to the bathroom, such as sniffing around the area where he usually eliminates. Once you see these signs, say the command. Your puppy will unconsciously begin to associate the command with the action.

Adult dogs can also learn this command. Go outside with your dog and every time that he relieves himself, remember to repeat the command and praise him afterwards. After a few days, start using the command on your walks around the neighborhood. As with the puppy, begin to watch for signs and give the command accordingly. Some adult dogs will learn the command faster if you point them to a spot in which another dog has already eliminated. As your dog begins to sniff that place, give the command and praise your dog when he relieves himself.

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