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Teaching Your Dog Basic Commands

Establishing a great relationship with your dog is very important. Good relationships are based on communication and understanding. Training your dog with basic obedience is just as important as meeting your dog’s basic needs. Whether you choose to train your dog the minimal amount of commands possible, or to train him a dozen tricks and make him the picture of perfect obedience, there are at least four commands that every dog should know.

Learning to sit is an important and useful skill for your dog to have. It is also often the foundation upon which other training tricks are based. The sit command can be taught in a variety of ways. One of the easiest way to teach your dog the ‘sit’ command is to place him on a leash in front of you, hold a treat above his head, and give the command ‘Sit’. By having your dog look up at the treat, that forces him to slightly lower his rear end. You can then move the treat toward his tail which forces your dog to completely adopt the sit position. You should repeat this exercise several times until your dog gets the sit position right, rewarding you dog with the treat and praise when he responds correctly.

Once your dog has correctly grasped the sit command, you should practice it in regular situations around your home, while you prepare his dinner, before opening doors, when you have company around, and so on. If you have visitors at home, you can also ask your dog to sit and quietly observe everyone and everything that goes on. Use this command frequently and be very consistent.

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