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How to find the right Leash for your Dog

dogChoosing The Type of Leash for Your Dog:

Nylon Leashes
Nylon leashes are very durable and washable, and come in a variety of colors. Many owners like to get matching collars and leashes.

Leather Leashes
Leather leashes are very durable and long lasting. Leather softens from the oils in your skin, which is easier on the hands. Leather leashes are also easier to grip.

Retractable Leashes
A unique feature about a retractable leash is the ability to control how little or how much lead the dog is given. The nylon lead is rolled up and housed within a plastic casing that you hold in your hand. A spring-type function allows the lead to automatically lengthen or shorten (retract) as the dog travels. Imagine retractables working somewhat like a fishing pole. You hold the housing of the lead in your hand and use the lead to “reel your dog in” if necessary. A one-button braking system stops the dog from traveling any farther. It also serves as a locking mechanism should you want to keep your dog at a consistent distance.

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