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How To Dog-Proof Your Home

dogIf you’re bringing home a new puppy or dog, it’s important that you first dog-proof your home. You want to go about this just as you would for a young child. Make sure that any harmful materials like cleaning supplies and other dangers are stored out of reach. Secure all electrical cords and outlets. Remove plants that are poisonous to pets, such as philodendron. Baby gates can also be very useful for keeping your new pooch out of certain areas. If your new dog isn’t yet housetrained, putting away rugs can be a great idea too.

Because many puppies and dogs love to chew, be sure to put away any items that you don’t want chewed, such as shoes and clothing. This will not only safeguard your home, but it will keep these items from being a danger to your dog. Keep in mind, however, that chewing helps to relieve the discomfort of teething for puppies and it’s also good exercise for dogs of all ages. Because of that, make sure that your pet has plenty of chew toys available to him. These can include rubber balls and rings, rawhides, rope toys, fleece toys and a variety of other toys. Just make sure that the toys are appropriate for your dog’s age and size. These items can be used in gentle play with your pet and on his own to keep him stimulated. To keep him interested, you can rotate them.