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House Breaking Your New Puppy

The Housetraining Process
Housetraining is the process by which your puppy learns to relieve himself in an appropriate area, such as outside, and not in your home. This process can take as long as six months, but should be started as early as possible. Before you begin housetraining your dog, you need to understand that the physical needs of puppies are very different from those of older dogs. As a result, make sure to take your puppy out to a specific area, which you would like to use as your puppy’s toilet, at least once every hour. When training, keep your dog confined in this area until he relieves himself. A crate will be very useful for teaching your dog about self control. Whenever your dog wants to go, take him to that place. Praise and reward your puppy when he uses it. At first, your dog might not understand why he is being rewarded, but as the routine continues along with your approval and praising, your dog will begin to understand. As he grows older, you dog will learn to go to that place and not inside your home.

It is also very important to keep your dog’s feeding time on a regular schedule. It will help you know when your dog will need to go should he be confined for a while. Additionally, during this training process your dog might make a couple of mistakes every once in a while, but refrain from reprimanding him. Instead, try to encourage his good behavior. Finally, keep your dog in his crate if you cannot supervise him until he completes the housetraining process. Once your dog is properly housetrained, then he can have unsupervised access to your entire house.

During his housetraining process, be sure to praise and reward your dog as much as possible for every right step that he takes. As your puppy or dog gets older, he will learn to control his physical needs and will be fully trained to be left home alone.