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Pet Resources - Dog Behavior and Training

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Harnesses and Head Collars

A harness is placed around the dog’s chest and ribcage, and therefore eliminates the potential for choking. These are popular for dogs that tend to pull while they are being walked.

Head Collar
The head collar works by putting light pressure on your dog’s muzzle and at the back of the neck. This replicates the method employed by the mother dog or pack leader who gently, yet firmly grasps the dog’s muzzle in the mouth. This sends a clear signal to the dog that you are the pack leader. Along with using positive reinforcement and appropriate training treats, many dog lovers find that this alters their dog’s undesirable behavior. The head collar will assist you in teaching your dog to sit, and prevent jumping and tugging during walks. PETsMART’s obedience training instructors use and recommend use of the head collar.

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