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Dog Behavior and reasons for Submissive Urinating

dogAccidents are bound to happen. Dogs may get excited and spontaneously urinate, others may do so as a sign of submission. Most dogs don’t even realize that they’ve urinated, they simply have no control over it. This is a behavior that may seemingly have no cause behind it, though it is frequently seen in dogs with a history of abuse. Submissive urinating often occurs when a dog encounters another animal or person that they consider dominant.

If you have a dog who is submissively urinating, the first step is to try to determine the reason behind it. Are there any specific actions or events, such as a sudden movement toward the dog, that caused him to urinate involuntarily? Some other actions that your dog may consider dominant which may then cause him to urinate can include some form of excessive excitement, direct eye contact, or leaning over your dog.