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Difficulties of Canine Adolescence


Canine adolescence can be a difficult time for everyone involved. In fact, most dogs are given up to shelters because of behavior problems occurring when they are adolescents. Many owners don’t know how to handle this stage or simply don’t have the time to train or correct their dog’s behavior. Understanding your dog’s behavior is fundamental to solving any problems. Many adolescent dogs simply have trouble managing and controlling their behavior, and that requires patience, consistency and regular training from you.


This period of time usually only lasts a few months, but it can nevertheless be confusing and difficult for both you and your dog. Many adolescent dogs will constantly challenge your commands and authority, and respond with more reluctance to your order and may even disobey them outright. Placing your dog in obedience classes and reinforcing what he has been previously taught is not only an excellent method, but it can also help to foster a good relationship between you both. Such classes will also give your dog the chance to see how other dogs his age relate to their owners. As tough as it may sound, it is important for you not to give in to your dog’s will and never to give up on training him. Doing so could establish a pattern of dog disobedience that in the future will be very hard for you to break.

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Coping With Canine Adolescence