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Common Misconceptions About Dogs

Misconception #1: Dogs prefer to be outside rather than being cooped up in the house all day. 

By nature, dogs are pack animals. They’d prefer to be with their pack. Since you’re a part of that pack, that means that they’d rather be wherever you are. If you’re outside, they’ll want to be outside. If you’re inside, they’ll want to be inside. Of course, you can’t have your dog with you all the time, such as when you’re at work or at the grocery store. So why not have him outside while you’re away? In truth, most dogs behave better when they’re inside. When outside and on their own, many dogs are prone to barking, whining and digging. Your home is your dog’s den and, further, it smells like you. It’s often comforting for him in a way that being left outside can’t be. In fact, your dog may believe he’s being banished from the den if forced to stay outside.

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