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Choosing a Dog Collar and Lead

For your dog to be safe and comfortable, the collar must fit correctly. Here’s the rule of thumb (or should we say finger?):

Place two fingers between the dog’s neck and the collar; there should be no more than the width of those two fingers between the neck and collar. Any looser than this and the collar could slip over the dog’s ears. Check the collar occasionally to see if your dog has any redness or hair loss under the collar.

Choosing the Type of Collar For Your Dog:

Buckle Collars
Buckle collars are overall the best choice of collar for most dogs in most situations. Puppies should wear only buckle collars. Buckle collars come in a variety of colors, are made with various materials, and even come in styles that make a real fashion statement!

Nylon Collars
Nylon collars are good for dogs that are in water a lot. Nylon is very durable and washable, and come in a variety of colors. Many owners like to get matching collars and leashes, and some owners even like to match the color of the collar to the color of their dog’s coat!

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