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Pet Resources - Dog Behavior and Training

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Avoiding Training Mistakes

Lack of Commitment or Time People who are too busy, or just too lazy, and don’t take the time to train their dog usually end up regretting it. Later on down the road, when their dog’s still having accidents in the house or still chewing up everything around the house or jumping on everyone who comes to the door, these same people ask themselves what went wrong, rarely ever seeing that they, in fact, are to blame. Even if you’ve decided to have a dog trainer train your dog for you, you still need to learn what you’re supposed to do when it’s just you and your dog, otherwise that training will all be for naught. Owning and training a dog requires your time and a commitment.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time When you start off the training process, you don’t want to make things more difficult for your pup than they have to be. The hardest place for a dog to start his training is one that is unfamiliar to him and full of distractions. When beginning, you should start in a place that is familiar to your dog and free of distractions. You can slowly work up to having your training sessions in the unfamiliar, full of distractions place once your dog’s advanced pretty well along. And just as there are wrong places, there are also wrong times. You should not hold your training session with your dog if you’re not feeling well; if you’re angry, upset or negative; if you’re lacking patience or energy; if you’re too distracted; or if you’re unclear about the lesson that you’re working on.

Proceeding Too Fast Training should be seen as a series of steps in which one step must be completed before moving on to the next step. It’s important that you not proceed too fast and that you not move on if you’re dog hasn’t thoroughly mastered what you’re working on. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make, and you’re likely to make the mistake yourself. Just make sure that if your dog is having trouble, you go back a step and start again.