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Pet Resources - Dog Behavior and Training

Start “Basic Training” for Your Puppy Right Away

Spring and summer are puppy season, and many homes have been blessed with furry little bundles of joy – along with chewed-on furniture, nipped fingers, and soiled carpets.

Best Friends professional trainers recommend that you begin training your puppy as soon as he arrives in your home. This will avoid these problems and let puppy know what’s expected of him.

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  • Parlez-Vous “Dog”? Learn the Language of Your Pet

    Although he may not use "words", your dog is always communicating. Dogs use their bodies to express their emotions, to show affection and to identify rank. Unlike humans, dogs don’t hide their emotions — so what you see is what he’s really feeling.

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  • The Great Crate Debate: Kindness or Cruelty

    To crate or not to crate: that is a question that provokes strong disagreement among dog owners. If you are about to add a dog to your household, you’ve probably heard both points of view. Opponents of crating view it as a form of imprisonment and charge that it is cruel.

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  • Is Your Dog A Pushy Pooch?

    Most dogs are happy to assume a submissive role in the family, allowing you to be the leader of the pack. Others may enjoy challenging you for control. If you’re not the top dog in your family, its time to put your pooch back in his rightful place for his own good as well as yours.

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  • Noise Control: Dealing with your Dog’s Barking

    It’s a fact of life: dogs bark. They bark to get attention, to communicate a message or to tell us they’re excited or scared. You’ll never stop your dog from barking altogether (you shouldn’t want to), but you can help him control it.

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Coping with Doggie’s Destructive Chewing

All dogs chew. It’s a normal and necessary part of a dog’s life. Puppies chew to relieve the discomfort of teething. Young dogs use their mouths to investigate the world around them. Adult dogs chew to relieve boredom and anxiety, or just because it’s fun.
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Making Housetraining as Simple as 1-2-3

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing new pet owners is how to teach the dog where and when to eliminate. The solution is actually quite simple and effective, and will leave you with a minimal mess if you follow the basic rules.
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