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Playing With Your Cat

catPlaying is an important activity for your cat. When cats are young, play helps to improve coordination. When they’re older, play helps to keep your cat active, stimulated, and in shape. Further, when you play with your cat, it helps to create and strengthen the bond between you.

So just how do you play with your cat? If you have a young kitten, chances are you won’t need to initiate play time. Your kitten is probably already running around the room chasing after things. When it comes to older cats, however, they may need a little more encouragement. Most cats respond to movement, so toys can be great for play time. Your cat may like chasing after a ball or a soft toy or playing with a cardboard box, crumpled paper, a ball of yarn or catnip toys. Lots of cats also like playing hide-and-seek. There are also fishing toys for cats which have a toy at one end which you move around using a fishing rod. You can even make your own by attaching a toy like a fuzzy mouse to some string. Your cat will no doubt love chasing after the toy and pouncing on it. Not only will this activity be very stimulating for her, it is also a great way to keep her fit.