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Keeping An Eye on Your Cat’s Eyes

cat Keeping An Eye on Your Cat’s Eyes  

It’s important that you perform routine checks on your cat. This ensures that her coat, skin, ears, nails, paws and so on are all healthy. It also allows you to catch any irregularities early on. The eyes should be included in the routine check.

Your cat’s eyes are extraordinary. They’re the eyes of a hunter, able to see in every kind of light and to catch movement and light at a 180 degree angle of vision. When you check your cat’s eyes, you want to look for any problems. The inside area of the eyes should be pink, while the whites of the eyes should be glossy white with no redness. Both eyes should look the same and should be free of discharge and crust. Notice any changes that occur in color. Also check your cat’s pupils and their response to light. In the dark the pupils should be wide; in light they should be small. If you notice anything unusual or any changes in your cat’s eyes, be sure to contact your veterinarian.