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Giving Medicine To Your Cat

catMany cat owners know that giving medicine to their cat can be a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, there will no doubt be times when you will have to give medicine to your cat. The following tips should help make the task an easier one.

Pills are easily disguised in baby food and many cats can be deceived in this way. If not, you’ll have to give the pill directly. Hold your cat between your knees while you’re kneeling, making certain that her front legs are tucked between your knees to prevent scratching. With the palm of your hand on top of your cat’s head, place your thumb and index finger on either side of her mouth, then tilt her head back until her mouth falls open. You can also, if needed, use your other hand to gently push down on her lower front teeth. With her mouth open, drop the pill as far back on her tongue as possible, keeping her head back until she swallows.

Many medicines come in liquid form and they can be easier to administer for some cats. A needless syringe from your veterinarian or pet store can be used to squirt the medication into your cat’s throat. You may want to give your cat a treat after giving her the medication to prevent vomiting.