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Cats and Eating Grass

"cat"No doubt many people have noticed a cat or two munching away at the lawn. If you have an outdoor cat, you probably know that she’s fond of grass. There are a couple of theories as to why cats eat grass. First, some believe that there are certain vitamins in grass that cats get when they eat it. Second, it’s believed that eating grass helps a cat to spit out hairballs which have formed in the stomach.

Owners of outdoor cats should be very careful about putting poisons like weed killers on the lawn. For your cat’s safety, it’s best if you don’t use these substances at all. While indoor cats may not have a chance to get at your lawn, they can still have the opportunity to chomp on some grass. Many pets stores sell cat grass or cat salad which you can give to your cat. Your cat will love chewing on it and will be less likely to chew on your houseplants.