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Pet Resources - Cat Health

Cats and Asthma

Asthma may be described as a chronic respiratory disease characterized by sudden labored breathing, chest constriction, coughing, and wheezing…

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  • Fat Cats and Weight Problems

    Fat Cats – Weight problems in cats are not an uncommon occurrence.

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  • Playing With Your Cat

    Playing is an important activity for your cat. When cats are young, play helps to improve coordination.

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  • Getting Finicky Cats to Eat

    There are any number of reasons why or times in your cat’s life when she may become a bit finicky about eating.

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  • Cats and Arthritis

    Though arthritis can occur at any age, it’s most often seen in cats when they’re older. Still, cats are less prone to develop arthritis than dogs and humans.

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Health Problems and Litterbox Problems

ealth problems can also cause litter box problems, even if a cat doesn’t necessarily appear sick.
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Ten Signs of Illness To Watch Out For In Your Cat

Keeping appraised of your cat’s health isn’t something that only your vet can do. You see your cat far more often than your vet does. By closely observing and checking your cat on a regular basis, you’ll be able to better recognize any changes or abnormalities in her appearance and behavior.
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