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Cat Glossary – R

Glossary of Cat Terms:


Rabies: An acute, infectious, often fatal viral disease of most warm-blooded animals, especially wolves, cats, and dogs, that attacks the central nervous system and is transmitted by the bite of infected animals.

Ragdoll Cat: A breed of longhaired cat with a sturdy body, short legs and a long thick coat with Siamese-style points.

Rangy: A term used to describe a cat with long, slender legs.

Recognition: The official acceptance of a breed for show under the rules of a particular cat fancy organization.

Red: A coat color. Also known as orange, ginger or marmalade.

Registered Cat: A cat with ancestry documented and recorded by a cat registering association.

Registered Name: The official name — often quite long — of a registered cat.

Registration: A recording of a cat’s birth, ancestry and other particulars with an official organization.

Renal: Of, relating to, or in the region of the kidneys.

Reward: Anything positive, such as treats or praise, that can be used as a motivating factor to induce desired behavior.

Rhinotracheitis: a disease of the upper respiratory system in cats and especially young kittens that is characterized by sneezing, conjunctivitis with discharge, and nasal discharges

Righting Reflex: The cat’s ability to correctly orient the body when falling.

Roman: A term used to describe a nose with a high, prominent bridge. Often seen in Siamese.

Roundworm: A parasitic worm of the class Nematoda capable of causing illness.

Ruff: Thick, longer hair growing around the neck and chest.

Russian Blue Cat: A medium-sized cat with a short, plush blue coat.