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The Indoor Vs. The Outdoor Cat

Deciding whether or not you want your cat to be an indoor one or an outdoor one may be a difficult decision for you. Perhaps you want her to be able to get outside and be free. However, there are many people who feel strongly that you should keep her inside if you want her to be healthy and live a long life.

Outdoor cats allowed to roam free without supervision are susceptible to a number of potential hazards, including the following: being hit by a car; being attacked by a wild animal, dog or other cat; becoming lost; ingesting antifreeze, pesticide or other toxins; contracting diseases from other animals; being stolen; being harmed by humans without the best intentions.

While your cat may love the outdoors, keeping her as an indoor cat doesn’t mean that she can’t enjoy it. You can always train your cat to accept a collar and leash and take her for a walk. You can also provide her with a nice spot in your house where she has a view of the outdoors and can even catch some rays. Many people argue that outdoor cats are in better shape and get more exercise than indoor cats. That may be true, but you can exercise your indoor cat by playing with her. It’s certainly true that indoor cats have a far greater chance of reaching a ripe, old average. On average, a strictly indoor cat can live up to eighteen years of age. If you’d like to have your kitty around for a good, long time, then keeping her inside is likely the best solution.