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Sleeping Cats

"cat"Most cat owners have observed their cats sleeping… a lot. In fact, more than 15 out of every 24 hours in your cat’s day are spent sleeping or dozing. There are five different types of sleep, a dozing state, a light sleep state, and three types of deep sleep, with only four of those 15 hours being spent in a real deep sleep.

When your cat is in a dozing or light sleep state, she still moves and her senses are still awake. However, she’ll be startled if you disturb her, and she may be defensive or grumpy. When she is in a real deep sleep, she’ll dream a lot, make sounds, and sometimes even move as if she’s hunting or doing other activities.

If you’re concerned that your cat’s sleeping too much, it’s clear that a lot of sleep is pretty normal. Given all this sleep that occurs, you may want to provide your cat with a bed or some other comfy spot to curl up on.