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Pet Resources - Cat Behavior

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Marking Their Territory


Cats possess scent glands in many parts of their bodies: their tails, paws, forehead, lips, and so on. These scent glands are used every time that a cat wants to mark his territory. When cats rub against a person or a thing, they exchange scent, leaving and picking up scent on each interaction. This is an important cat habit. If you suddenly decide to change all of your furniture, your cat will not recognize his own place and will likely attempt to mark what is new.

Cats do not like to feel lost like this and often feel the need to mark every thing they come into contact with. This is what is defined as ‘marking their territory’. Cats can do this by either rubbing against an object or by marking it with urine. Once an object has been marked, cats will be able to recognize their. Once they are familiar with the smell, they will establish a positive relationship with it. This concept is what you need to keep in mind when introducing your cat to an unfamiliar smell or a new thing. Some experts will advise, for example, that you rub any new furniture with your cat’s smell by using a towel that has been rubbed on her or her bedding. This will help make the familiarization process smoother.

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