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How to handle Moving With Cats

Moving with Cats

Moving can be a very stressful situation for any companion animal. It’s usually a stressful situation for you as well. Nevertheless, it’s important to consider your cat when making a move.

No doubt you’re stressed, rushed and have a million things to do. It’s not uncommon for your cat to get lost in the flurry. But for the happiness and safety of your cat, be sure to make some time for him. One of the best ways that you can ease your cat’s stress is by regularly communicating with him and including him in your plans. This will help lessen the shock of the move.

Of course, there are many practical precautions that must be taken as well. First, before moving to your new home, make sure that you have a copy of your cat’s health records from your current veterinarian. This will need to be given to your new veterinarian once you’ve made the move. Also make sure that your cat has an ID tag with his name, your name, and your new address. Keep in mind, too, that most states require that dogs and cats wear rabies tags as well. Also check on any rules and laws pertaining to pets for your destination. Are you moving to an apartment and do they allow cats? Does your new city have a leash law or other pet laws?

For the actual move, a cat carrier with windows is usually the best option. Most cats welcome the security of a carrier. If your cat is not familiar with carriers, you might want to leave it open in the house for several days before the trip so that he can get used to it. Line the carrier with a blanket he is familiar with or an old piece of your own clothing. Also be sure to have a supply of fresh water and a litter pan. It is usually best to feed your cat only lightly and well before the trip.