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Pet Resources - Cat Behavior

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Aggressive reactions in cats

Aggressive reactions in cats:

Health issues can also make a cat react in unexpected and violent way. If your cat’s behavior seems extreme or uncharacteristic, it’s probably best to have her checked by your veterinarian. A sudden aggressive response can be the product of a more serious medical problem.


Solving a cat’s habit of biting, scratching, and other aggressive behavior can take some time according to your cat’s age and the time, effort and attention that you’re willing to give. Aggressive reactions are typically more easily changed with younger cats than with older cats. An aggressive reaction can be minimized or eliminated by socializing your kitten as early as possible. Nevertheless, curing a cat’s violent response should be done as soon as she reacts this way for the first time. Remember that it is always important to give your cat the attention needed and to take time to play with her on a daily basis. Be aware of your cat’s reactions and cut your petting time short when it appears that she tires of being petted and is about to bite or exhibit some other unwanted behavior.