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Pet Resources - Cat Behavior

Tips on Socializing your New Kitten

Let’s face it: cats are not known for enthusiastically bounding to the door and greeting you or your guests. Despite their reputation, however, cats are quite social. If properly socialized, your little kitty can be the friendliest feline around.

Socialization is the process in which the kitten develops relationships with other living beings in its environment.

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  • Yes, You Can Teach Tabby Tricks

    As the saying goes, you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks … but you can certainly try with a cat!

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  • Does my Cat Need to be Groomed?

    As every cat owner knows, most felines are meticulous in their grooming. They clean their faces after meals, file their nails on the scratching post, and "bathe" themselves with their tongues regularly.

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  • The debate over indoors or out

    There is probably no single issue in cat care that generates stronger debate among pet owners than the question of whether Kitty should be allowed to spend time outdoors.

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  • Keeping Kitty Off the Table (and the Countertop and…)

    Cats like high places. Tabletops, kitchen counters, bookshelves, window sills, even fireplace mantles — all make ideal places for Fluffy to keep watch over her territory from a secure vantage point.

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Coping with Kitty’s Scratching

Although it may sometimes seem that way, Rascal isn’t scratching the furniture just to annoy you. Cats need to scratch.
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Kitty eating your plants

House plants provide beauty and enjoyment, but can also be a danger to the family cat. Experts disagree as to why cats like to chew on our potted plants.
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