Come work for Best Friends!

We are always looking for passionate, talented team members who love to work with and care for our Best Friends! The work can be hard, yucky at times (everybody poops!), but incredibly rewarding. There are always plenty of doggy kisses and cuddles. We always welcome eligible high-school and college students who are able to work during the summer or school holidays!

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Animal Care Technician

JOB DUTIES/ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Sanitizes/disinfects pet suites, condos and general boarding areas, provides clean bedding and fresh water to each new pet guest, feeds pet guest the correct type and quantity of food each meal, ensures pets have clean water at all times, monitors and accurately charts consumption and elimination of each and every pet guest; reports concerns to the Center Manager or Animal Care Manager, visually checks boarding pets for well being and safety periodically throughout each day, cleans up pet excrement as needed. Checks and picks feces out of suites as needed during the day, performs activities as scheduled, monitors pet belongings; cleans belongings as needed; assures the return of pet belongings to owners. Carries pet belongings to storage area, front or to assist customers, as needed, maintains kitchen in clean orderly manner, launders pet bedding and grooming towels, reports items in low supply to Center Manager or Animal Care Manager, follows all safe handling procedures, reports needed repairs to Center Manager or Animal Care manager, completes Pet Guest Reports and more!

Customer Service Representative (Pet Coordinator)

JOB DUTIES/ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Sells the services and products of the Center to prospective customers, tours prospective customers and visitors through the Center, answers the telephone, Receives and Provides appropriate information according to established procedures, welcomes customers and pet guests, and ensures pet guest has proper up-to-date vaccination record, responsible for cash management including accepting cash, check and credit payments for resort services and for end-of-day cash drawer balance, explains Company and Center policies to customers in a positive manner, responds to customer complaints in a professional, courteous manner and acts to satisfactorily resolve the problem, escorts pet guests to/from their rooms and provides water as needed, operates the computer reservation system, completes training including Safe Handling and Associate Certification, treats customers, guests, visitors and co-workers in a professional, courteous manner, maintains the appearance and cleanliness of the lobby and other public areas, assists other Associates as needed.

Doggy Day Camp Counselor

JOB DESCRIPTION: Actively oversees dog pack in social play environment, is functional pack “Alpha”. Observes behavior and intervenes as necessary to prevent fights and injury to pets. Sets up room with water filled bowls, bedding, vari-kennels, approved toys. Actively encourages play/interaction between pets and pet activity. Cleans/sanitizes all items at end of day or during day as necessary. Inspects toys regularly and removes those not suitable for safe play. Ensures that pets wear appropriate, flat, quick release collars. Takes pets to and retrieves pets from boarding area as necessary. Conducts interviews with prospective campers. Maintains campers’ files and ensures each camper has a current contract on file. Promptly cleans up/mops after pets when they eliminate. Thoroughly cleans/sanitizes floor and camp equipment at end of day. Reports items in low supply to Management. Follows all safe handling and day Camp procedures. Reports needed repairs to Management. Completes Day Camp Reports each day and interacts with customers and provides individual pet feedback. Devises/Suggests/Executes special DDC pet events. Supervises (separate) playgroup as required.

Requirements for All Positions

Must be able to work evenings weekends and holidays. Must be able to frequently lift 40 pounds. Must be able to be on feet eight hours per day. Must be able to utilize multi-line telephone and work on a computer system. Must be able to handle dogs on leashes and work in an environment with exposure to disinfectant/sanitation chemicals, animal dander and excretions. Supports the Mission and Philosophy of Best Friends Pet Care, Inc. Treats customers, guests and co-workers in a professional, courteous manner; greets all customers encountered while performing work duties. Assists other Associates as needed. Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Best Friends Home Office
  • 535 Connecticut Ave, Suite 305
  • Norwalk, CT, 06854
  • (203) 750-5200