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Cat Facts

With more than 230 bones, no collarbone, and a pelvis and shoulders that are loosely attached to the spine, cat’s bodies are extremely flexible.

The whiskers of a cat are extremely sensitive and capable of registering very small changes in air pressure. This allows them to be used as an alternative sensing device so they can maneuver well in the dark.

All cat walk on their toes with the back part of the foot raised, known by the term digitigrade.

Domestic cats and wild cubs alike are born with blue eyes, the color change occurring around the age of 12 weeks.

While cats have five toes on each of their front paws, they only have four toes on each of their back paws. Some cats, however, are polydactyl, or many-toed, and can be born with as many as 7 front toes and even extra back ones.

Cats age ten years in the first six months of life.

Though you need a UV light to see it, cat urine actually glows in the dark.

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