We’re looking forward to your upcoming stay with us! In order to make your check-in process go as quickly and smoothly as possible, please complete the following prior to your arrival date:

1. Share up-to-date vaccine information with us. Vaccines are required in order to board your pet—for their safety and the safety of other pets staying with us. 2. Discuss any medications with our team. If your pet is on medication, please call ahead and let us know. We want to be sure we’re able to provide the care your pet needs to stay well. 3. Pack up your pet's belongings. Here's a helpful packing list for boarding:
  • Food. Pack plenty of food for your pet if you’d like to supply your own. Remember to let us know how much to serve at each meal time.
  • Treats. Bring a stash of your pet’s favorite treats to make their day. We also recommend picking up a few long-lasting chew treats to relax and occupy them in their suite before bedtime and in the mornings.
  • Toys. Pack a few toys your pet enjoys.
  • Comfort items. i.e. A small towel or shirt that smells like home, if your pet won’t tear it up.
  • Emergency contacts. Send in a list of contacts and your veterinarian’s contact information.
4. Schedule a go-home-fresh bath and extra activities. Check out our add-ons menu and contact us to add a few activities your pet might enjoy during their stay. (You can also schedule these in person at drop-off.) 5. Plan your drop-off and pick-up. Note our hours of operation and make sure they work with your schedule. Please be sure to allow ample time (15-30 minutes) for the check-in process. We carefully review all of your pet’s feeding and care instructions with you at this time. Want a speedier check-in? You can stop by Best Friends any day leading up to your pet's stay to take care of the paperwork and care instructions ahead of time. Thanks for choosing Best Friends. Enjoy your trip and relax knowing your pet is safe, cared for and having tons of fun with us.
  • Best Friends Marietta
  • 1087 Johnson Ferry Road
  • N.E. Marietta, GA, 30068
  • (678) 560-0880