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We understand that your pet means everything to you. These FAQs should answer many of the questions you have about leaving your Best Friend with us. And if you can’t find an answer, feel free to contact us. We’re listening with all ears (floppy and otherwise.)

BF Policies

Why are Best Friends facilities more expensive than other kennels?

Best Friends Pet Resorts cost a bit more because we offer more: better trained people, better technology and a better quality facility.

At Best Friends, we are committed to providing an unprecedented level of safety and comfort for our pet guests and service for their owners. Any pet guest visiting Best Friends is given premium-quality care and attention, including careful monitoring of eating, play and elimination habits. Furthermore, our staff of animal lovers is highly trained, and is compensated for their professionalism and skills.

Ultimately you must decide whether the extra cost is worth the peace of mind. Most of our customers are willing to pay a bit more to ensure that their family pet is well-cared for during their absence.

What is your policy concerning vaccinations?

We have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all the animals in our care, and so we require that every guest be vaccinated against certain serious, contagious diseases. Dog guests must have current vaccinations for Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella; cat guests must be vaccinated against Rabies and FVRCP. We recommend updating your pet's vaccines a week or two in advance of your visit to ensure maximum protection for your own pet as well as others.

We know there is some debate about the benefits/risks of vaccinations. After reviewing the advice of medical experts on the subject, we have decided to take a conservative approach. For more on the health benefits of vaccinating pets, check the web sites of the American Veterinary Medical Association or the American Animal Hospital Association

What happens when a pet becomes ill? Do you have a staff veterinarian?

Every Best Friends facility has 24-hour, on-call veterinary support. We maintain relationships with several veterinary hospitals near each center so that we are always assured of emergency veterinary care whenever it is required.

Do you have someone at your pet care centers 24 hours a day? What about vet coverage?

The majority of our pet care centers have a residence on-site, where a management associate lives. Where we are not permitted by local ordinance to have staff living on-premise, we have either a night security watchman, or the management staff are on 24 hour call.

Each of our pet care centers has 24-hour emergency veterinary care set-up with a highly reputable, local vet. In addition, each location has back-up emergency vet support 24 hours a day as well, in case the primary vet provider is unavailable.

Where you don't have a vet on staff, what kind of training do your associates have for handling emergencies?

All Associates are fully trained in proper animal handling techniques, using advanced training methods based on guidelines set forth in the Certified Kennel Operator course of the American Boarding Kennel Association. In addition, each location has a specific emergency management plan and a property evacuation plan. Fire Drills and emergency drills are run regularly at each center to ensure a state of high readiness exists at all times.

Can I make reservations on-line?

Yes, for boarding reservations only. Please go to

We are also exploring other ways to make it easy for our clients to make reservations - for example, booking your pet through your travel agent while you are making your own travel reservations. If this idea appeals to you, or if you have other suggestions, please let us know by offering us a comment at the end of this section.

Can I take a tour of your facility before I decide to use your services?

We recommend a tour before using any pet care facility. You should always visit to make sure you are comfortable leaving your pet there. When taking a tour, you should be shown all areas of the facility and be given a tour without having to make an appointment. This also gives you the opportunity to ask lots of questions to make sure their services can meet your pet's needs.

Please stop by anytime at any of our Best Friends locations for a tour during business hours (typically Monday - Friday 8 to 6, Saturday 8 to 5, and Sunday 3 to 6). We will be happy to give you a tour.

Is there a way to send an email directly to the center?

At present, we offer a contact form on our site to goes to directly to our centers. We do have emails available, but we prefer that you call the location of your choice by simply calling 888 FOR PETS toll free, or you can contact them via their local direct number. View specific location information at our centers in our website.

What are your checkout and check-in times? And, am I charged for the full day when I check my pet out?

Pets may be checked-in at any time during operating hours. Checkout time is noon. Note that Checkout time is waived if a grooming service is scheduled for that day. If you pick up your pet after noon and a grooming has not been scheduled, then you will be charged for the full day.