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We understand that your pet means everything to you. These FAQs should answer many of the questions you have about leaving your Best Friend with us. And if you can’t find an answer, feel free to contact us. We’re listening with all ears (floppy and otherwise.)

Career Opportunities

Do you hire volunteers? What's your minimum age requirement?

Pet care is a wonderful and rewarding choice for a career. Our hiring and volunteer minimum age is 16, although there are some restrictions as to what tasks you may perform.

How can I apply for a job? What qualifications do you look for in your staff?

Best Friends associates are selected for their love of animals, personality, and, depending on the job classification, for their relevant experience in animal care, human hospitality, grooming, customer service, etc. Once selected, they are provided with a world-class training program developed by leading animal experts in grooming, training, and veterinary medicine. All associates must complete an intensive certification program to ensure they are prepared to offer the best possible pet care.

Each position has specific requirements and corresponding qualifications. If you are interested in learning more about employment opportunities with Best Friends, visit the Job Opportunities section of our web site.