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We understand that your pet means everything to you. These FAQs should answer many of the questions you have about leaving your Best Friend with us. And if you can’t find an answer, feel free to contact us. We’re listening with all ears (floppy and otherwise.)


What is your minimum age for boarding a dog?

Our primary concern is the welfare of our guests. For this reason, our minimum boarding age for dogs is 4 months. It is generally recommended that puppies get their first round of “adult” shots at 12 weeks (including rabies), and the second round at 16 weeks. Additionally, in any kennel environment, a young pup could possibly be exposed to air-borne viruses it could not fight off. Our recommendation is to board puppies at your veterinarian's office until they have reached our minimum age requirement.

How long can my dog board at Best Friends? Do you discount for long-term boarding?

Boarding can be indefinite, as long as we are pre-paid for each 30 days. There is a 10% discount for every 30-day stay, but these visits must be prepaid and we must have a credit card on file so that we can charge the boarding expense every 30 days.

Why does my dog smell when I pick him up after being boarded?

At Best Friends, we are meticulous in cleaning our kennels, and use hospital grade disinfectants to keep them spotless. However, in the closed quarters of a boarding kennel amongst other pet guests, a dog's natural odor may become more noticeable.

Certain customers may also be more sensitive to pet odors after having not been with an animal for a while. We recommend scheduling a “go-home fresh bath” or grooming appointment for a pet before picking him up. In fact, if your pet gets a bath on Monday through Saturday, his boarding fee is waived for that day.

I'm boarding my pet for the first time? What should I expect?

Your pet will adjust quickly to our boarding facility, our staff and routines. Feeding, cleansing, exercise, and kennel staff monitoring are all scheduled events that bring order and structure to the boarding environment.

You can do a lot to help prepare your pet for this environment in the days before your pet is to be boarded. First, establish (or reinforce) a routine schedule of meal times and limit feedings to twice per day. We feed in the morning, and again in the late afternoon, as required.

Also, we routinely quiet the kennel down after closing hours (after 7 PM) to give the pets adequate rest and comfort. It's best if your evening schedule, in the week before boarding, is stable and consistent, and getting the pet(s) into a comfortable “wind down” to their day by 8 PM to 9 PM will enable them to adjust quickly to the kennel, once boarded.

Can My Pet Catch A Disease by being kenneled with other pets?

Yes, your pet can be exposed to disease when kenneled with other animals. The risk is, however, quite low, and virtually eliminated when kennels require advance vaccination to ensure a healthy population of boarded guests. Additionally, high sanitation standards and quality living conditions are vitally important to ensuring an absence of disease.

Our modern sanitation procedures, air flow system, required vaccinations, kennel suites construction, and staff training programs all help to create a healthy, safe and secure environment for your pets when they are in our care. You may have heard “horror stories” of poor treatment and conditions at kennels in the past...we have taken great pains to ensure that all Best Friends pet care centers provide a first-class, highly sanitary environment that dispel any fears you might have about boarding your pets with us.

We strongly suggest a tour, before making a boarding selection, of any facility that you might consider in your area. Here's what to look for:

¨ You should be able to tour any aspect of the facility without a reservation, at any time during business hours.
¨ It should smell and be clean from top to bottom.
¨ Staff members should be available and capable of answering any of your pet care questions.
¨ You should request and receive reference lists of current and/or past customers to check on their satisfaction.
¨ Staff members should own pets and appear kind and friendly toward the animals in their care.
¨ The kennel should require vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian prior to allowing a pet to be boarded.
¨ Kennel suites or runs should be spacious and clean, and independent from one another. There should be no evidence of group kenneling, except, of course, for Doggy Day Camp socialization day camp programs for qualified pets (spayed or neutered, vaccinated, can be socialized, non-aggressive).

My pet is so thirsty when she comes home from a boarding visit? Doesn't she get water when she's with you? Or, why won't she drink when she's being boarded?

Pets will frequently become very thirsty from the excitement and stress of seeing their family and loved ones again when they're picked up. It's natural and you should expect your pet to be a bit dehydrated from all the excitement once you get them home.

While in our care, pets are monitored carefully for their consumption of fresh water, which is continuously checked and refreshed throughout the day. And, just like the excitement of coming home, when they first are checked-in and settled in their suite, they will tend to become very thirsty. We watch this carefully, and are sure to provide plenty of fresh water upon check-in to get the pet fully hydrated. After the first 30 minutes or so, they settle into the new routine, get comfortable, and establish regular eating and drinking habits.

How much do you charge for boarding?

Our boarding rates vary depending on locations. Please click on the location where you plan on boarding your pet.( Our Centers ) This will give you a complete list of the boarding rates for the size of your pet. Call that location to review any questions you may have, and to reserve a suite or grooming appointment.

Can all my pets stay together in the same suite?

Yes, we can accommodate your wishes and board your pets together in the same suite, as space allows (typically we allow up to 3 dogs under 30 lb. each to board together in the same suite - this allows adequate space for each pet and promotes both comfort and safety). Up to three cats can be boarded together in one condo. Contact the location you plan to board your dogs and/or cats at for specific details

Do you give discounts for multiple pets?

If your pets are boarded together in the same suite, we can offer you 20% off the rate of the second and, if applicable, third pet.

Do you require a deposit in advance of a boarding visit?

All Best Friends Pet Care locations require advance deposits for boarding reservations. Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to arrival date (in advance) in order to receive a full refund of the deposit. Since so many of our customers rely on us to provide advance, verified reservations before they can finalize their family vacation or business travel plans, we must ensure that every reservation we accept is “real”, and highly likely to occur. It would be unfortunate to have to upset a family's vacation plans because of lack of available space, and then come to find that we could have accommodated them all along, because of late cancellations. This responsibility to our customers drives our deposit policy.

What is your cancellation policy?

We realize that plans do change, and wish to accommodate all of our customer's needs. So, a full refund of the deposit is provided upon 72 hours advance cancellation of the scheduled arrival date.

While my dog is boarding with you, will he be taken out for walks?

Best Friends offers playtime services for your pet. One of our trained associates will play, run, pet, brush, and cater to the needs of your pet in our large play areas. The charge per playtime session is $6. We can accommodate up to 3 play sessions a day. Some centers also offer outdoor nature walks as part of their playtime program. Click on our pet care center nearest you to see their specific playtime program here.

Are your facilities indoors?

Best Friends has both indoor and outdoor facilities. Please click here for the center you plan to board your pets at to find out specific details.

Where is my dog going to go to the bathroom when in your care?

Best Friends has a mix of indoor/outdoor & indoor-only pet care centers. All Best Friends centers are highly sanitary and safe. Dogs in our care will eliminate in the exercise run of their two-room suite, in our playrooms, or outdoors (if the center is indoor/outdoor). These areas are well suited for this purpose, and are regularly sanitized. Our highly trained staff continuously monitors all elimination and consumption behavior, which is noted on each pet's chart.

My pets like to have toys with them. Can they have their favorite toys while boarding with Best Friends?

Your pets may have one or two toys to play with in their suite during their stay. If you bring toys from home, be sure to mark them with permanent ink with your last name. Your pets' toys will stay with them in their suites and we do our best to return all toys. Occasionally, a toy may be lost during a playtime or cleaning. If you prefer not to bring toys from home, you can purchase toys in our retail center for your pets stay.

We request that you not bring in any of your pet's bedding for their boarding visit. We provide comfortable and sanitary lambswool bedding for all our pet guests. Pets can be highly possessive of their personal bedding, and may become agitated when our staff removes the bedding for sanitizing, which, for the health of all our pet guests, we must do each day. Also, we don't want blankets or other fabrics to get caught up or wrapped around the pet, which might cause them harm. Our bedding is hypoallergenic, safe and comfortable.

My dog is on a special diet. Can I bring in my own food?

Our planned premium meal program at each of our pet care centers consist of precisely portioned feedings of Purina Pro Plan, a high quality, premium nutrition dog food. However, if your pet requires a special diet, we encourage you to bring their food when boarding. Our trained associates will follow your instructions to make sure your pet follows his regular diet. By pre-bagging each meal in a separate bag labeled with your pet's name, your pet will receive the exact amount of food that you feed him or her at home.

My pet is diabetic and requires shots?

Pets with significant medical needs are better off under a veterinarian's care than in our pet boarding centers, despite the qualifications of our well-trained staffs. We do not accept diabetic pets for boarding but will refer you to a highly qualified veterinarian who can board and administer treatments to your pet.

Are your pet care centers air-conditioned?

Most of our pet care centers are fully air-conditioned for summer comfort and heated in the winter. About two-thirds of our properties also have outdoor exercise runs and play yards for outdoor activity, weather permitting.