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Starting January 1, 2023 - Our New Doggy Day Camp / Daycare Membership Program Will Be At All Best Friends Locations Nationwide


Canine Crew is a new Doggy Day Camp / Daycare Membership Program - starting January 1, 2023 - at all of our Best Friends locations. This program replaces the current points system, that is in place, and allows for greater flexibility, a more simplified process, and a lower cost per day for the same day camp experience you ❤️.

Membership Program Q&A

How does the Doggy Day Camp Membership Program, Canine Crew, work?
Canine Crew offers the same doggy day camp experience that you like without the need to load points throughout the month. When you sign up, you determine the level of membership that you will use and agree to automatic monthly payments being deducted from your credit card on the first of every month.

How much does it cost?
Membership, in Canine Crew, can be unlimited, 12 days/month, or 6 days/month for camp. Pricing below.

How does the Canine Crew program work if I have more than one dog?
We offer discounted pricing on our Canine Crew Program for pet owners with multiple pets. You can save $20/month on the 6 day/month package, $40/month on the 12 day/month package, and $60/month on the unlimited package. If your dogs participate in different tiers, of our membership program, then we will discount at the lower tier rate. Please see the pricing chart below.

What if I run out of days during the month while enrolled in the membership program?
If you run out of day camp points, during the month while enrolled in the membership program, then you can purchase additional days for $33/day. For the upcoming month, you may decide to upgrade your membership to the next level.

My dog only plays on weekends,
is there a membership for me?

Yes! We have a special Weekend Membership level of our Canine Crew Program that is just right for you. For $60/month your pup will have four days of weekend play with us.

How do I join the membership program?
In the section below, you'll find all of our contact information to JOIN The Canine Crew Membership Program or to ask us a QUESTION - whether you prefer in person, via phone, or our email web form.

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