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July 27, 2012
Canines Go for the Gold at Doggy Olympic Games Across the U.S.

London isn’t the only place that athletes are bringing home the gold this week. Best Friends Pet Care is hosting its own Doggy Olympic Games at more than a dozen locations across the U.S. and canine athletes are jumping through hoops – literally – to capture the gold!

Doggy Olympians from Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Texas are taking part.  The competitive events include classic track and field sports — like hurdles and relay races — to doggy specific activities like the high jump for treats and diving for nylabones.

Today’s opening ceremonies included a parade featuring dogs of all nations, including German Shepherds, English Bulldogs, French Poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs and, of course, all-American mixes.

“Our doggy day camp regulars love to run, jump and wrestle, so we knew an Olympics Day would be a perfect event for us,” said Renee Coughlin, VP of Marketing for Best Friends.  “The best part of canine competition is that the really dogs don’t care who wins and who loses — they just love playing the games!”

That’s why every dog participating in the events will be going home with a medal.  For more about Best Friends Doggy Olympics and a look at photos, visit Best Friends Pet Care on Facebook.

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