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November 28, 2011
11th Annual Best Friends Angel Tree Campaign To Help Homeless Pets

Animal lovers can share their holiday spirit throughout the month of December by donating food, toys and treats for homeless dogs and cats to Best Friends Pet Care’s 11th Annual Angel Tree campaign to benefit community animal shelters.

The holiday season can be challenging for local shelters and rescues.  Donations of food and funds fall off and regular volunteers are preoccupied with the holidays.  The poor economy over the past two years has made matters even worse and many shelters depend upon the Best Friends Angel Tree program to get through the holiday season.

Starting the week before Thanksgiving, every Best Friends pet care center across the U.S. sets up an Angel Tree in its lobby. The tree is decorated with paper ornaments with photos and information about adoptable dogs and cats waiting for homes, and the supplies the shelter or rescue needs to care for them.  Pet lovers are invited to select a dog or cat ornament from the tree and donate from the wish list on the card.

To make donating easy, Best Friends carries most of the supplies the shelters are requesting.  Pet lovers can support the campaign by visiting or calling any local Best Friends Pet Care center.

The program runs through January 2nd, with deliveries being made to the shelters throughout the holiday season.

Since it began in December 2000,  Best Friends Angel Tree program has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food, toys and pet care products to more than 75 different shelters and rescues across the U.S. and dozens of pets have found new homes in time for the new year.

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