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May 10, 2011
Expert Advice for “Take Your Dog to Work” Day

Norwalk CT, May 2011 — Friday, June 24 will be celebrated by pet lovers nationwide as the 12th annual “Take Your Dog to Work” Day. A growing number of companies allow pets in the workplace for this special occasion.

One company where dogs go to work with their humans every day is Best Friends Pet Care in Norwalk CT. Because Best Friends is in the pet care business, the staff knows what it takes to make “Take Your Dog to Work” Day a successful experience for pets and co-workers. They say it’s important to consider the dog’s temperament and training. For example:

  • Does he jump up on people or greet them with a gentle sniff?
  • Is she friendly to people and other dogs?
  • Is he completely house-trained or does he mark new objects?
  • What happens when you leave? Does he howl or cry or just take a nap?

Even if your pet is extremely well-behaved, be sure to check with your co-workers about any concerns they may have, such as severe pet allergies or an overwhelming fear of dogs.

If you decide Take Your Dog to Work Day will work for you, remember to pack the following equipment to make your dog’s workplace visit easier on co-workers:

  • A pet or baby gate, so you can restrict your pet to your office area or cubicle.
  • A water bowl and some treats, plus a plastic mat for under the bowl can help prevent stains on the office carpeting.
  • A bed or soft sleeping mat and a couple of familiar toys.
  • Don’t forget plastic baggies for cleaning up after your pet!

Above all, they say, be respectful of your co-workers and “Take Your Dog to Work” Day can be a successful experience for everyone. If your dog isn’t office-ready, some training classes to modify behaviors could help.

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