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May 9, 2011
Professional Tips for Coping with Spring Pet Shedding

Norwalk CT, April 2011 — The trees are budding, the daffodils are blooming and the family dog is shedding clumps of hair all around the house. Even short-haired breeds manage to cover furniture, floors and more with the stuff.

Shedding is part of the natural cycle of hair growth on pets, according to Val Penstone, Best Friends National Director of Grooming. “While shedding is inevitable, hair around the house doesn’t have to be,” she says, offering the following tips for coping with the annual spring shedding:

  • Start with a thorough brushing to remove as much loose hair as possible. Use a good quality pet brush appropriate for your pet’s coat. Penstone suggests tackling this first step outdoors, if possible, to keep the mess out of the house.
  • Next, shampoo the pet, massaging the skin to loosen dead hair. Follow with a conditioning rinse. “Be sure to use only products formulated for pets, since their skin pH is different from humans,” she adds.
  • Towel, then brush your pet’s coat dry. Brushing will remove the dead hair loosened during bathing. “If you want to speed the drying process, you can use a home hair dryer,” notes Penstone, “but be sure to use only the coolest setting so you don’t burn your dog’s skin.”

This process needs to be repeated every three to four weeks during the shedding cycle – usually the spring and summer months. Although nothing can totally eliminate natural shedding, regular grooming can keep it under control.

“If you don’t want the mess of home grooming, or don’t have the time, consider sending your pet to a professional groomer and leave the shed hair on the salon floor rather than on carpets and furniture at home,” suggests Penstone.

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