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Want a Well Behaved Dog?
We Know just the Trick.

Come. Sit. Stay a while. After a short time at Best Friends, your wish for a “good dog” is our command.

We offer a wide variety of training classes to fit dogs from puppyhood to adult. Our unique Board & Train program allows your pet to have one-on-one training while he stays the night. Imagine, going away and coming back to a dog who no longer eats your shoes!

Our training techniques, taught by experienced instructors, are always positively reinforced. And class sizes are small, ensuring your pet gets the attention he or she deserves.

For both pets and their owners, training at Best Friends is the REAL treat.

About Our Trainer:

Thomas Northcutt

Owning a dog should be a fun, fulfilling experience and not a constant struggle for a happy home. Thomas Northcutt has dedicated his life to helping people understand dogs, and how to communicate with them.

After a life of owning dogs and experiencing many of the typically difficulties of dog ownership, Thomas Northcutt decided to find a better way to communicate with his dogs.

His journey to learn about dog training brought him to positive reinforcement methods, and his success with dogs soared. He was able to teach his dogs at a much higher level than even he thought was possible. Ever since, he has been helping people understand just how effective positive reinforcement can be in communicating with their dogs.

The journey did not end there. Thomas enrolled and graduated from the Animal Behavioral College, as a way to further increase his knowledge in the field of dog training. Even since becoming a Certified Dog Trainer he continues studying the latest training techniques and attends every conference that he possibly can.

Just like owning a dog, understanding dogs is a continuous learning experience and Thomas Northcutt has taken that to heart.


Puppy Class (puppies 10 weeks to 1 year old)
This is the best time to start teaching your puppy the behaviors you want him to have for the rest of your lives together. In this class you'll build a lifelong bond with your pup, learn basic training techniques, and educate your pup to be well behaved for everyday life. Mouthing, chewing, and potty training, no problem; this class will help you solve typical behavior problems. Puppies will learn bite inhibition, socialize with other dogs and people, and learn basic good manners. The pups are also given the opportunity to play together off-leash frequently within their training sessions which allows them to teach each other bite inhibition and gain vital socialization skills while owners practice and learn to control their puppy.

$145 for six sessions




Good Dog Manners – Basic Obedience (4 months +)
This class is an excellent basic obedience course for dogs that have never taken a class before or for dogs needing to brush up on rusty obedience skills. This class focuses on helping your dog learn the basic obedience skills of Sit, Down, Come, Wait, Loose Leash Walking, Leave it, Place, and Spin and Twirl, while you learn to effectively communicate with your dog. Through science-based, positive reinforcement training, both you and your dog will learn important foundation behaviors for more advanced classes.

$145 for six sessions


Better Dog Manners – Intermediate Obedience
This class is a continuation of the Basic 1 class. We will narrow down our focus a little, working hard on precision, reliability and differentiation of behaviors and generalization of behaviors. The dogs will begin to apply themselves to real life situations and to increased levels of distance, distraction and duration.

$145 for six sessions



The Canine Good Citizen Dog – Advanced Obedience
This course prepares you and your dog to take the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, a certification program designed to reward dogs who demonstrate good manners at home and in the community. The class is a prep course to practice all of the skills necessary to pass the CGC test such as, accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, supervised separation from the owner, and many other skills that prove a dog's social-savvy. More valuable than the piece of paper, however, is the peace of mind that your dog is a mannerly, well-behaved member of your household - and the community at large.

$145 for six sessions


Board & Train
While your pet boards, they will receive a one-on-one session each day, personalized to meet the needs of you and your pet. Our program provides your dog with a setting in which he or she can focus on learning necessary obedience skills. This training is often highly effective when a problem arises in the canine/human relationship. This price includes one exit lesson. Consultations are by appointment only.

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Private Lessons
Our attention is devoted solely to you and your pet in these exclusive sessions that are tailored around your specific needs.

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Future Class Idea: Real Life Skills
Real life is just one big training game! Take the lessons you and your dog learned in your Manners 101 class and apply them to real life situations in this useful and exciting class. Practice sitting at a table, eating, or watch a video, while your dog lies quietly on his bed; have him sit politely at your side while you greet another dog owner as you pass each other; ask him to wait calmly at the door until invited to leave; pass by tempting objects on the floor without having him grab them; and many more. This class makes real life with your dog easier – and more fun!

Want this class? Call us.

Future Class Idea: Ice Cream Social
This class takes you and your dog to different dog-friendly locations around Washington County so you can practice his behaviors in the real world. Each class includes a stop for ice cream – treats for the humans as well as the dogs! Prerequisite: Basic Good Manners or equivalent.

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“Once again, I am pleased with Riley’s stay at Best Friends! He is the happiest and very content dog when I picked him up…from his mannerisms, I can tell Riley was well loved and cares for. ” Miller
Other Services

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Boarding »Play all day, stay the night. All in luxe comfort with plenty of TLC. This is boarding with Best Friends.

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